Insurance Payment

Psychological evaluation and treatment are approved services under most major medical insurance plans. Individuals who do not have insurance or who do not wish to use their insurance benefits may pay privately. Other third party payors who cover psychological services include Medicare, Workers Compensation, and the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Private Payment

You may wish to pay privately for services. This is one way to be sure that your medical records remain confidential, within the limits of the laws governing confidentiality. If you wish to use insurance or another third party payor, know that this third party has access to your records as a requirement for payment of the service.


The insurance each psychologist accepts varies from person to person. Please indicate the specific insurance you carry when leaving a voicemail.

Many companies no longer require a physician referral, but most continue to require pre-authorization through the managed care company who handles the mental health portion of your major medical benefits. You are responsible for calling your insurance carrier to determine eligibility for benefits, deductibles, pre-authorization, limits of mental health coverage and co-pay amount.

Insurance co-pays are due at the time of each service. Our office accepts Visa, Master Card, cash, and personal checks,.